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Notice and Takedown

Subscription to VantageVPS’s services are on a pre-payment basis. VantageVPS invoices for all services 7 days prior to the due date. Users who have not paid for their subscription(s) will be notified of the due date that is either coming up or has passed. Accounts that become past due will have the associated VPS service(s) suspended and thereafter, terminated. A suspended VPS cannot be accessed by the user. In the event a VPS service is terminated, all data will be lost. VantageVPS may at its sole discretion, extend a standard grace period to selected subscribers during which they would be able to make payment and continue using our services.



Other situations which may result in a VPS being suspended, include but are not limited to the following:

Every reasonable effort will be made by VantageVPS to contact the user when an issue first arises. Should we be unable to establish contact with the user, the service(s) will be suspended until communication with the user can be restored.



A takedown may occur after a VPS has been suspended, if no satisfactory steps have been taken by the user to resolve the issue(s) raised. When a VPS is terminated, all data stored on the VPS will be erased.

Please note that no refunds can be provided in the event of account suspension or takedown.

Thank you for understanding.