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Cheat Sheet CentOS 7

Command Description Comments (optional)
sudoRuns a commands as Super UserIt gives the specific user the most powerful rights to execute commands
yumit allows user to install, update, remove or search software packages Often used with the sudo commands.
lslists the files and foldersLists all files in current directory.
cdalso known as chdir (change directory),Used to switch directories.
pwdDisplay path nameDisplays the full path name of the current working directory.
mvRename or move filesMoves/renames files or directories.
cpCopy files or directory
mkdirMake Directory Create a folder in your current directory.
rmDelete files or folders
whoChecks who is logged on Shows all online users.
clearClear terminal window Clears the complete window of your terminal.
systemctl (start/stop/enable/disable)Manages OS services and start-ups
firewall-cmdCentOS FirewallCritical system function (security).
nanoText editorNot installed with minimum install.
tarUnzips tar archives(+more)
unzipUnzips an archived folder
chmodChange file permissions
chownChanges owner of a file or folder
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